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Adverse Childhood Experiences: Linn, Benton & Lincoln Counties
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is a term used to describe all types of neglect, abuse,
violence or distressed family environments that children under the age of 18 may experience.

The Health of Benton County: Community Health Assessment 2013
Describes the health status of Benton County, defines areas for health improvement, and dentifies organizational and community assets that can be mobilized to improve health for the entire county.
Benton County Health Department and Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center — 2013

Rural Benton County Quick Facts
Strengthening Rural Families — August 2015

Southern Willamette Valley Regional Profile
A profile of Benton, Douglas, Lane, and Linn Counties. This profile provides information on some key indicators of community health and is a snapshot of the region’s strengths and needs.
The Oregon Community Foundation — April 2011

Child Care and Education in Oregon and Its Counties: 2014
Every two years the Oregon Child Care Research Partnership takes a snapshot of how well Oregon’s child care and education system is serving children and families.
Oregon Child Care Research Partnership — July 2015

Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative: Helping parents raise children who thrive
Summarizes the work of the first five years of this multi-year initiative which supports expanded access to best practice parenting education programs, with a focus on reaching parents of children prenatal to age six.
The Ford Family Foundation and The Oregon Community Foundation — 2015

State of the Region | Oregon
Highlights trends, connections, and indicators related to the people and the economy of the Benton, Lincoln, and Linn County region. This includes migration, agriculture, business patents, philanthropic investments, and more.
Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments — September 2015


Intra-year Household Income Dynamics and Adolescent School Behavior
Students whose families experience significant income instability are more likely to fall behind in school and have disciplinary issues.
West Coast Poverty Center — December 2015

A Bold Agenda for Tackling Child Poverty
Without urgent action, too many of America’s next generation will grow up in economic distress.
Washington Monthly — October 5, 2015