Programs & Services

Old Mill Center Relief Nursery programRelief Nursery

The Relief Nursery is a free, therapeutic early childhood program for at-risk children (aged 6 weeks to 6 years). See more >

Healthy Families

This program provides resources and intensive in-home support for high-risk parents with newborns. The program is free and voluntary. See more >


This unique preschool integrates children ages 3-6 with special needs alongside children who are typically developing. It is the flagship of Old Mill Center’s programs. See more >

Intensive Day Treatment Program

The Intensive Treatment Services (ITS) is Psychiatric Day treatment, provided for preschool and school aged children (3-7) with emotional and behavioral challenges and their families. See more >

Child and Family Counseling

The Old Mill Center’s Child & Family Therapy program helps children of all ages and their families improve family relationships, reduce the impacts of trauma, navigate school difficulties, assist in accessing services in the community, and address many other concerns. See more >

Court Mandated Co-Parenting Program

This three-hour, one-time class helps parents address their children’s needs during and after divorce. See more >

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