Outpatient Team


Dana Evans, MSW, LCSW

Dana has been a Licensed Clinical Social WorkerDana Evans Outpatient Team Old Mill Center since 2001. She obtained her Masters in Social Work from Syracuse University. Dana has experience working in a variety of settings and utilizes varying approaches to meet the individual goals of her clients and their families. Dana enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She also likes cooking, listening to music and playing soccer.

Terrie Haworth, LPC

Terrie Graham Outpatient Team Old Mill CenterTerrie is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has worked with youth and their families for more than seven years. Terrie received her masters degree in Clinical Mental Health counseling from George Fox University and her bachelors in Family Communications from Portland State University. She has extensive training in family therapy and trauma theory, as well as a certification in Rhythmic Movement Training. Terrie feels inspired by her clients and their strength to overcome life’s obstacles, and feels privileged to be part of their journey. In her off time, she loves spending time with her family and playing with her cat Obie.

Tiffany Irwin, BS, Child and Family Therapy student intern

Tiffany has worked with families at the Oregon Department of Human Services since 2014. She received her BS in Human Services from University of Phoenix and is working on her masters in Clinical Mental Health from George Fox University. She believes both mental and physical health are important, that mental health affects physical health, and people have amazing resilience and strength. With clients in charge of the process of improving their quality of life, Tiffany helps manage challenges, explore growth opportunities, hold hope and discover hidden truths, all while providing a safe environment. Tiffany’s focus is strength based and person centered. She also integrates other types of therapy, depending on client needs. She is trained in sandtray therapy, trauma and a systems perspective. Tiffany enjoys spending time with her husband, children, family, dogs, chickens and gardening.
Clinical Supervisor: Dana Evans, LCSW

Michaela Judah, MA, LMFT registered intern

Michaela Judah Outpatient Team Old Mill CenterMichaela has been working with children and families since 2002. She was Supervisor and Family Advocate at Kidco Head Start for 12 years, and a Skills Trainer at Wake Robin Day Treatment in Salem for 1 year. Michaela got her BS in Human Development and Family Studies from Oregon State University in 2001 and in 2017 she completed a masters in Marriage, Couples and Family Therapy from George Fox University. Michaela first came to Old Mill Center as an intern and is now a full-time therapist. She believes that people are the experts in their own life stories and are doing the best they can. She aims to bring attention to people’s strengths, which can enable them to learn about themselves and have hope for their future. She engages in multiple therapeutic techniques to help people grow and heal, which manifests for them in a balanced life. When she’s not at work, Michaela values time with her family and enjoys traveling.
Clinical Supervisor: Terrie Haworth, LPC

Angela Quintero, MS registered intern

Angela Quintero Outpatient Team Old Mill CenterAngela fue nacida y criada en Latinoamérica. Ella obtuvo un BFA en Artes Plásticas con enfoque en Escultura de la Universidad Central de la Florida, y una Maestría de Arte Terapia de la Universidad Estatal de la Florida. A ella le ha apasionado trabajar con personas de orígenes multiculturales y poblaciones migrantes, así como también abogar por poblaciones subrepresentadas por la sociedad. Angela admira la gran capacidad de recuperación que las personas poseen para superar las diferentes adversidades en sus vidas.

Angela is a native Spanish speaker with a BFA in Sculpture Studio Art from University of Central Florida and an MS in Art Therapy from Florida State University. She is passionate about working with individuals of multicultural backgrounds and migrant populations, as well as advocating for underrepresented populations. She admires the resiliency that people possess to overcome different adversities in their life. Angela enjoys adventures, nature and creating art.
Clinical Supervisor: Terrie Haworth, LPC

Sandra Stephen, MA, LMFT registered intern

Sandra Stephen Outpatient Team Old Mill CenterSandra received her MA in Marriage, Couple and Family Therapy from Lewis and Clark College in August 2019. She has a BS in Psychology and a BS in Human Development and Family Sciences from Oregon State University. Sandra has worked with adolescents, adults, and families in crisis and behavioral health settings, as well as youth preventative programs. She supports the notion that resilience is catapulted by our own inner strengths, and that people hold the keys to positive outcomes within themselves. She is grateful to have been witness to other’s discovery of their own empowering narrative, and is inspired by the people with whom she works. Sandra enjoys being outside, hanging out with her pets, and has a strong appreciation for creative expression.
Clinical Supervisor: Dana Evans, LCSW

Krissy Swanger, MA, LPC registered intern

Krissy Swanger Outpatient Team Old Mill CenterKrissy has enjoyed working with children and families in a variety of educational, recreational and mental health settings. She holds a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from George Fox University and a bachelors degree in Gender Studies from Whitman College. As an LPC registered intern, Krissy provides counseling services to children, teens and families. She believes our identity, thoughts and behaviors are shaped by life experiences and key relationships, and that therapy can be a safe place to work through challenges. Krissy’s focus is on exploring each client’s unique story and working together to identify strengths and opportunities to help them thrive. In her free time, Krissy enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, and exploring Oregon.
Clinical Supervisor: Terrie Haworth, LPC

Sarah Sweeney, BA, QMHA, Marriage, Couple and Family student intern

Sarah Sweeney Outpatient Team Old Mill CenterSarah has a BA in Dance from Pacific University. She is currently working towards her masters in Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling from George Fox University. Sarah has worked with children and adults on the autism spectrum using Applied Behavioral Analysis. She believes everyone has an inner strength and the ability to change and decide who they want to be. She also believes in holding hope for and in people. Sarah takes an eclectic approach, focusing more on the root of issues and incorporating art, mindfulness and emotional regulation into sessions. Sarah utilizes a holistic philosophy, asserting that all aspects of a person’s well-being are important—physical, emotional, spiritual, and social. Sarah enjoys hiking, spending time with her husband and friends, and cats.
Clinical Supervisor: Terrie Haworth, LPC

Angela Vanderbelt Gleim, MS, LMFT registered intern

Angela Vanderbelt Gleim Outpatient Team Old Mill CenterAngela has always enjoyed hearing and honoring the unique stories of individuals, which is what brought her to the field of counseling. She received a BA in Psychology from Whitworth University and an MS in Couples and Family Therapy from the University of Oregon. Angela has provided therapy services to individuals, couples, families, and children in the foster care system. She believes that clients are the experts of their own lives, and values working collaboratively to support them as they identify and work toward their goals. Angela holds a strengths-based perspective, in which she believes that all individuals possess strengths and resources that will allow them to create the positive changes they are hoping for. She believes that all behavior makes sense in context and it is her priority to gain an understanding of the environment in which clients are living, in order to meet them where they are. In her free time, Angela enjoys spending time with her husband, cat, friends, and family. She loves exploring the beauty of Oregon, reading, and eating ice cream.
Clinical Supervisor: Dana Evans, LCSW

Debbie Williams, MA, LMFT registered intern

Debbie Williams Outpatient Team Old Mill CenterDebbie has a variety of experience working with children and families over the years. She recognizes the importance of caring for a child’s emotional health and the benefits it can have as they develop and move through life. She also understands the support that parents and caregivers need. She focuses on connecting with clients, exploring their story, and identifying strengths and opportunities. Debbie received her masters degree in Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling from George Fox University. Her training included Play Therapy, which she uses in her work with children. She provides counseling services to children, teens, adults, and families. Debbie enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching movies, and visiting the Oregon coast and waterfalls.
Clinical Supervisor: Terrie Haworth, LPC

Skills Trainers

Stacey Doerner, BS, QMHA

Stacey Doerner Outpatient Team Old Mill CenterStacey is our Community Programs Skills Trainer. She has over 10 years experience working with children and is passionate about expanding her role in helping the community. Stacey received her bachelors degree from Oregon State University in 2013 and has continued to expand her knowledge ever since. She is also a graduate of Linn-Benton Community College and San Juan College. Believing in a healthy life of mind, body, and soul together as one is Stacey’s mantra. When she is not studying or working, Stacey enjoys horseback riding, painting, playing cello, and taking care of animals.
Clinical Supervisor: Dana Evans, LCSW

Rachael Fields, BS

Rachael received her bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Science with a Human Services option from Oregon State University. She has experience working with children and families including teaching in a preschool classroom, being a youth advocate at a local shelter and interning with CASA. She grew up in a family that fostered and adopted children. Rachael believes supporting children and families is an investment in the well-being of society and the future. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting family, horseback riding, playing piano and cooking.
Clinical Supervisor: Terrie Haworth, LPC

Collin Korthauer, BS, QMHA

Collin Korthauer Outpatient Team Old Mill CenterCollin comes to us from Texas, where he grew up and earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Texas A&M University. Collin started working with kids as an intern with the Head Start program and has continued with a passion of helping people in a variety of social work positions. He enjoys travel, books, working out and eating food.
Clinical Supervisor: Dana Evans, LCSW

Christina Marquardt, BS, QMHA

Christina Marquardt Outpatient Team Old Mill CenterChristina received her BS in Psychology from Oregon State University in 2001. She has always been around children, having come from a very large family. Her love of children encouraged her to begin doing childcare when she was 11, which continued until she went to OSU at age 18. In college, she worked with developmentally disabled adults and was an active supporter of Special Olympics. Later, she taught Religious Exploration (RE) for the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis (UUFC), sat on RE Council, and coordinated the UUFC’s RE Summer Program for several years. During that time, she also was a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and taught their Family to Family course for two years, as both a friend and family member of persons with mental illness. Prior to becoming a Skills Trainer she was working in Old Mill Center’s Intensive Therapeutic Services classroom, as a substitute in the Preschool, and in the Relief Nursery as a one-on-one teacher. As a past client of Old Mill Center and a single parent of a daughter with behavioral challenges, Christina loves being able to work with children and families at Old Mill Center—it connects her to others with similar experiences and provides her with the opportunity to give back to her community.
Clinical Supervisor: Dana Evans, LCSW